How to Get Your Colicky Baby to Sleep Better

Published: 24th April 2007
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If you have a colicky baby, you probably have a baby who also isn't sleeping well. Baby sleep problems and colic go hand in hand. And, if your baby is having trouble sleeping, chances are, you are too. So let's help you all get some sleep.

The problem with a baby suffering from colic is they are over stimulated. They seem to have trouble winding down from all the stress they endure throughout the day. Their stress reliever is to cry. But instead of helping them to wind down, the crying often seems to wind them up. The crying gets out of hand, and sleep out of reach.

Along with other colic remedies mentioned throughout this site, there are some other tips you can try to help your baby wind down and help her sleep through the night.

Recognize when your baby is tired
An overtired baby is not a pleasant baby. If your baby is displaying signs of being tired, help them to wind down and put them to bed. Signs of an overtired newborn (infant to 3 months) are:

    • Fussing, whining, crying or screaming

    • Glazed stare, looking away, turning head away, back arching

    • Facial grimaces

    • Clenched fists

    • Flailing arm and leg movements, jerking

    • May seek comfort by sucking/feeding

Make her crib as inviting as possible
The crib should be positioned in comfortable spot in the room, free from drafts. Stay away from heat vents and windows. The crib should have no breathing hazards such as decorative pillows, fuzzy stuffed animals and toys, thick comforters etc.

Take care of the basics
A bath, clean, dry pajamas, a fresh diaper and a content tummy should make your baby comfortable and ready for sleep.

Turn down the lights
Close the blinds, drapes or shutters to block out light. Use a night light so you can check on her if necessary without disturbing her. Aromatherapy can be useful in helping a baby to wind down. Use essential oils of lavender and chamomile for best results.

Turn on the white noise
Your baby spent around nine months in your womb and listened to your heartbeat and other sounds while there. A sound that mimics the noise your baby heard while in the womb is an excellent choice for lulling your baby to sleep. Using a white noise cd routinely will also help mask out other extraneous noises in the house and help your baby sleep sounder and longer.

Be consistent
Babies love routine and consistency. Use the same routine every night. DO NOT VARY. You and your baby will both suffer if you don't stick to a routine.

If you stick to this routine, your colicky baby should be sleeping better in no time.

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