The ABC's of Attracting a Capricorn

Published: 13th February 2009
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You've got this Capricorn friend. He's so funny. Has a very dry sense of humor. But is a little on the serious side sometimes. You think he's perfect. You are interested in being more than just friends. How do you get him to notice you? Here are the ABC's of attracting a Capricorn.

What Attracts Capricorns

Be on time.

If you are the type that is perpetually running 15 minutes late, you might want to set your clocks ahead so you can be right on time. Your Capricorn is extremely conscious of money. And as the saying goes, time is money. So, don't waste any of their time. They will see you as frivolous and not worth their time.

Be as intellectually stimulating as possible.

Capricorns are enamored by several subjects. If you can talk seriously about art, music, theatre, or politics, you will get them to notice you. Keep your far-out, radical opinions to yourself, however. Capricorns are conventional, and traditional. They will not tolerate off-the-wall opinions very well.

Buy them a practical gift.

The emphasis is on the word "practical" here. A Capricorn appreciates good quality, but good value. A good idea here would be a book. Historical biographies or a book dealing with money might be a real winner. A bad idea would be expensive jewelry or cologne. This type is far too aware of how much things cost for him to respect you for splurging on something totally unnecessary to make an impression.

Be realistic.

Capricorns live in the real world and will not appreciate anything done on impulse. So if you are the spontaneous sort, you better find yourself a different sign. And also, dreamers need not apply. Keep your head out of the clouds and firmly on the ground if you want to attract a Capricorn's attention.

Be amusing.

Although your Capricorn guy may seem a little serious, and well, plain Eeyeorish on occasion, he does love humor. He uses his humor as his emotional lift. Capricorns are witty and will surprise you how extremely funny they can be.

Do what you say you are going to do.

Don't promise to meet your Capricorn for a movie and at the last minute bail out on him. If you say you will do something, do it. Capricorns do not like people who do not follow through.

Be supportive of their ambitions.

Capricorns desire success, money, social status, and authority. If you are not on board with their pursuit, you will be left aside. So, do not make fun of them about how much time they spend at work, or how careful they are about money. You will hurt their pride and they will not forgive anyone who belittles them.

If you follow the ABC's to attracting a Capricorn, and you can supply him with the encouragement his somewhat melancholy ego requires, you will find yourself a faithful companion who will never leave your side or cheat on you. Earn his trust, and you will earn yourself a Capricorn.

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